About Us

City Space India

About us:

We are a group of real estate professionals looking to change the face of industry in northern India. From a deeply unorganized, fractured segment, we look at ourselves as service providers par excellence.

Our services start from Property selection, site visit, booking, documentation, loans and after sales services.We boast of absolute  @Home  service, where each and every requirement of the client is met at his doorsteps, right from documentation to payment collection and everyhting in between. That means you do not have to leave the comfort of your home for trivial things like depositing a payment cheque or signing a paper.

Ours is a people centric approach, and strongly believe that how so ever technologically advance we may become, the personal touch of a human interaction always adds to the comfort level, when making major investment decisions in life. be it buying a house or an office or shop, we try to provide you with the best possible options, at best possible prices keeping in mind your individual requirements.

For more project details or any query feel free to  call us at:

9871424442, 9873687898

Website: www.cityspaceindia.com

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